WIP is a common acronym used in business to identify "Work In Progress". The day-to-day operations of any organization involves work being done, data being collected, stored and entered into an accounting system. The accounting system is then used to track, process and report on financial activities to meet tax obligations and measure past performance in anticipation of future performance. To satisfy all of this an organization will typically have several systems, spreadsheets and paper forms each operating as islands of information and require excessive resources to manage.

WIP Software delivers cloud accounting software solutions for today's unique work environments and mobile workforces. As a cloud application, it is accessible anywhere with an internet connection and on any device including your desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone. It enables your business to perform double entry accounting and job tracking with the same convenience as online banking, without requiring any new hardware or additional IT resources.

Cloud Accounting Software for Small Business

In today's marketplace organizations are faced with new challenges brought on by globalization and increasing competition. Streamlining data is a critical factor for organizations to maximize productivity and gain greater insight into their business to meet these challenges head on. Our cloud accounting solutions help organizations:

  • Improve access to financial data
  • Increase productivity
  • Lower overhead

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Why Choose WIP Software?

The idea of streamlining data is what every small business aspires to accomplish in efforts to reduce errors and maximize productivity. Unfortunately, for most small businesses this is usually a combination of paperwork, spreadsheets and multiple systems that have evolved overtime to address the needs of the organization. With all these isolated systems organizations are held back with the lack of transparency, complexity and dependence on the individuals who solely know how these systems work.

WIP Software brings to the market a suite of products that consolidates the spreadsheets, paperwork and multiple systems into a single accounting software solution that is securely accessed from anywhere, anytime. Organizations that have unique needs can receive custom solutions to fit the organizations way of doing business rather than changing the way they do business to fit an off the shelf program.