WIP Modules

WIP Reporting Module

This module provides the framework for basic financial reporting such as the balance sheet, income statement, trial balance, customer & vendor reports. Additionally, it can merge data between WIP Manager and WIP Accounting for company-specific reporting needs.

WIP Payment Module

This module connects the software to existing payment gateways such as PayPal. Payments processed through WIP Payment are automatically recorded in the accounting system, enabling automated electronic receipt delivery.

WIP Payroll Module

This module offers employee payroll management including CPP, EI, Benefits and Tax deductions to meet payroll compliance requirements.

WIP Portal Module

This module offers a secure, self-serve portal for customers and vendors to access their accounts. Download invoices, statements, get account balances, or pay invoices. WIP Portal can be tailored to an organizations needs offering customers the ability to complete online orders, service requests, or check the status of a purchase for example.

WIP CRM Module

This module expands on the basic contact management and offers Customer Relationship Management services. Track opportunities, leads, and customer communications for a more detailed evaluation of your organizations relationship customers.

WIP Drive Module

This module offers secure cloud storage by enabling you to upload files or scan documents to transactions as an attachment.

Functionality, Efficiency & Innovation

A powerful benefit the cloud offers is increased efficiency from spending less time learning, installing and maintaining applications and more time advancing your company.
  • Greater innovation  Cloud applications are continually being improved. Cloud based accounting applications also level the playing field by making advanced technology more available and affordable to small and mid size companies.
  • Improved response time  Businesses can be up and running with new cloud applications within days, making them more competitive and agile.
  • Greater ease of use  Cloud applications often require minimal training and offer common interfaces found in other cloud applications you may already be familiar with.
  • Greater business visibility & transparency  Cloud applications enable managers to better monitor, access and compile data about their company.
  • Secure company assets  Cloud accounting applications centralizes critical company data such as contact lists and budgets. Right now, it's likely that many critical company documents are sitting on the desks of many of your employees. If a key sales person decides to leave potential deals may also walk out the door too. If a key individual is unable to come into work instead of searching through their PC for an important file you can just access the data from the cloud.
  • Backup and recovery  Data stored in the cloud is more accessible so companies like yours can restart faster from disasters.

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